December 14, 2018

Younger artistes not treated well in Nigeria, says Orezi


Better known as Orezi in showbiz circles, Esegine Allen has expressed concerns over the treatment of up-and-coming artistes in Nigeria.

While speaking with our correspondent, he said, “I feel younger artistes should be given more opportunities and media presence. I watch television a lot and I struggle to see new artistes on screen. If you are not popular, it is always hard to penetrate the industry.

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According to him, Nigerians are not guilty of this alone. He said he had noticed that even in America, the likes of Jay-Z, Rihanna and popular faces get all the credit.


“Even across the world, younger musicians are always struggling. When I visited America recently, most of the songs I was hearing were from the established faces. Does that mean new artistes are not coming up? A growing industry should encourage the younger ones more because they are the future. The older ones cannot be there forever, as they will get old and leave the scene whether they like it or not.

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“When I unveil my record company next year, I plan to sign up fresh talents. It will be my way of giving back to the society.”


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