April 26, 2019

Wizkid goes on Gucci shopping spree with last son amid “deadbeat dad”.

Owning to the fact that Wizkid is going through several allegations at the moment from his baby mamas about not taking full responsibilities of his kids.


One of those allegations was when his first baby mama, Oluwanishola Ogudu celebrated their son’s seventh birthday and immediately she took to her twitter handle to share some cryptic posts announcing how she took it upon herself of being the same mother and father to Boluwatife at the same time and Wizkid is no where to be found.

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After much more, Jada pallock who happens to be the third baby mama took to her social media platform to thank and support Wizkid for his immense and unflinching support to their third son “Zion”.

The pop star, seems unbothered by all this allegations as he took his last son, Zion shopping with him.

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Wizkid had tweeted on Thursday May 17 “Off to Gucci with Zion to get more Gucci”.

Although some section of his fans praised his guts, while some fans bashed him,  telling him to take care of his two other sons.


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