July 20, 2019

This Barcelona guy looks exactly like Michael Jackson and it’s really throwing people off

This is Michael Jackson (Legendary pop singer)

Michael Jackson addressing a press conference at the O2 arena in London, on March 5, 2009.

He might look familiar to you. He was a singer. He had a few hits, including “Thriller,” and “Billie Jean,” and a few others. Ring any bells?

He was a good singer who could also do this:


He walked backwards, though not all the time.

Here’s another picture of Michael Jackson

Got it now? Good.

This is NOT Michael Jackson:

Photo: Facebook/sergio.jackson2

Yeah! We know right?

This is Sergio Cortés, a professional Michael Jackson impersonator from Barcelona

Sergio was discovered after school one day when he was 16 years old, which is how he got his start in showbiz.

Sergio Cortés

In September, a popular twitter user, @gossipgrill, posted this picture of Sergio


The photo originally came from Sergio’s Facebook account, though he has since deleted the post.

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Here’s his original post, which Sergio tweeted in an attempt to clear up any confusion on the issue

But that hasn’t kept people from being surprised at the resemblance between Sergio and Michael.

Some folks even started to wonder about Sergio’s lineage

Understandably so…

He looks so much like the late singer, that he was even hired in 1994 to trick the press while the real King of Pop was getting married to ‘Lisa Marie Presley’.

Years later, he got to meet his idol in person.

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According to Sergio, the resemblance is real, and he hasn’t undergone any cosmetic surgeries to look more like Michael.

I mean, look at him. They’re the same person!

MJ Lives On!


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