March 23, 2019

See why singer Yinka Ayefele thought he would never be able to make babies!


How Yinka Ayefele survived a near-death accident on December 12, 1997, is still a surprise to many.

While celebrating 20 years after the accident, Ayefele told Sunday Scoop, “After the accident, everyone jubilated when I had an erection one afternoon.  I was wondering why they were rejoicing and they told me the doctors said I would not be able to have an erection again. They had reached the conclusion without my knowledge.”


According to him, life will have become meaningless had he not regained the ability to have an erection.

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On his wife sticking with him during those trying times, he said, “My wife didn’t leave me when I was hospitalised, so why would she leave me afterwards? When things were bad, she was with me all through.  We got married after the accident and we are blessed with four boys.


“I am still feeling pains; I am always in pain every day. Pills cannot even stop the pains and I am conscious of what I take in, but I thank God I have been able to cope. I give thanks to God for sparing my life.

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“I personally thought I would die, but my parents and loved ones encouraged me to stay alive. They felt bad, but they didn’t want to lose me. My father was alive then, but I lost him two years ago. He was so supportive all through the trying times.”


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