July 20, 2019

See why Adekunle Gold can never make commercial music


Despite the dominance and success of commercial music in Nigeria, singer Adekunle Gold says he’s not ready to hop aboard that trend.

The singer says although “there is that pressure” to make music that will possibly expand his fan base, he constantly reminds himself of why he got into “this business”.


Gold says he’s keen on making “timeless music” that will remain evergreen for as long as possible.

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“My goal is not to make disposable (commercial) music; I want to make timeless music. Constantly I remind myself. I feel like I can write any type of song but will it last me for a decade or a century,” he said in a YouTube interview.

Fame, Adekunle Gold said, has deprived him of his privacy and ability to stay closeted – as he’d love to.

The singer also narrated how he came about the name ‘Gold’ in 2008.

He said: “I was in church one day and during a sermon, this guy said ‘you can’t substitute rice for gold’. He said it three times and I just knew there and then that this is my name.”

The singer, who wrote Orente for his collaborator/rumoured flame Simi, said one of the downsides of being an entertainer is getting misquoted often.

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“I am misquoted almost all the time. You say one thing, someone says another,” said the singer who was a graphic artiste for YBNL before getting signed by Olamide.


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