November 15, 2018

Rick Ross gets sued for alleged intellectual theft

Rick Ross
Rick Ross

Rick Ross and Jay Z’s Roc Nation have been sued for allegedly stealing the infamous Maybach Music tagline from another rapper.

Ishaq R. Muhammad, aka Young Muhammad, claimed he and Rozay worked on “Caprice Music” together in 2007, a track that Ross was heard repeating the phrase.

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Muhammad said this gave rise to the “Maybach Music” catchphrase the MMG boss has been using without crediting  him.

Ross released “Maybach Music” in 2008 and subsequently launched his group using the same tagline in 2009, but Muhammad claims he trademarked “Caprice Music” in 2006.

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Rick Ross

In 2017, Muhammad threatened to sue Ross for intellectual property theft. He has now sued him and also mentioned Roc Nation in the suit. The case will go to small claims court since Muhammad is seeking a sum of $9,999.



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