September 20, 2018

Reasons dancers are broke – Kaffy


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Kafayat ‘Kaffy’ Shefau says many young dancers are not successful because they were concerned with money, not improving themselves.

In a recent interview with Premium Times, he said: “The problem with the youth right now is that they are eager to make money meanwhile they are not investing in improving their skill-set. There is an absence of mentoring platforms for dancers and this is why I am all about creating empowerment channels for them.”

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According to her, dancing is very lucrative but one needs a lot of discipline to excel as a dancer.

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“You need to apply a lot of basic business principles and this is one thing a lot of artistes do not do. I even had to learn it the hard way. So, if you do not discipline yourself as a dancer, no matter how lucrative it is, you would finish that money and not grow.

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“As a dance artiste, you need to be sure that this (dancing) is what you want to do and then keep reinventing yourself. I just let out the trade secret to longevity in dancing.”


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