May 20, 2018

Why people thought I was copying Jay-Z – Vector Tha Viper


In the past, Olanrewaju Ogunmefun, aka Vector Tha Viper, was always criticised for trying to rap like American rapper, Jay-Z.

In a recent encounter with VideowheelsTV, Vector said it was a misconception and nothing he could do to change people’s mindset then.


He stated, “People forgot that I was very young when I came into the industry. At a time, that was the highest pitch my voice could attain. I couldn’t sing in a certain way because I was very young. If you remember well, everyone rapping then was older than me. For you to hear me clearly, I had to rap in high pitch. But I as grow older, my voice became mature. I didn’t intentionally try to sound like Jay-Z like many people thought. But I cannot blame people for seeing things that way.

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M.I and Vector

“My next album, TESLIM, will be a huge revelation. Teslim is my father’s name and I plan to drop it this year. TESLIM means The Energy Still Leaves In Me.”

Speaking on the future of rap music in Nigeria, Vector explained, “I am not in the position to tell you the future of rap music in Nigeria, but I think it is very bright and strong. Many years ago, nobody thought we would be getting endorsements as we are getting now. In the past too, international artistes were hired to promote Nigerian market. But at the moment, I am working with Hennessy and other brands. They are now certain that Nigerians can sell their product even beyond the country.”

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