May 25, 2019

‘I’m married to my hustle’ – Skales’ Ethiopian girlfriend dumps him on social media

After one-year of dating, Skales’ girlfriend, Leyla Konjo dumps on social media – stirring mixed reactions from folks who thought the duo would end up getting married.

The whole drama started yesterday when fans of the singer hopped on the Ethiopian’s page to hail her as they usually do; by calling her ‘Mrs Skales’, a title she had adopted. But Leyla shut them down immediately demanded that she must be addressed by her name, and adding that she has moved on to someone else.

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For those who’re on the know, Skales and Leyla became an item less than a year ago after he posted this on his Instagram to let the fans know he was done with his then ex, Sasay.

Shortly after, the singer took her to meet his mother, and soon Leyla adopted the moniker Mrs Skales. She even amended her bio with details addressing Skales as her husband.

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Now, she has scrubbed her profile of all that detail and memory, and has made mockery of the relationship they once had. “I am married to my hustle,” she told a fan, adding, “No time for games.”


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