July 24, 2019

“I took a class in the US to speak Igbo more fluently” – Jidenna


Nigerian-US based hip hop artist, Jidenna has said one of his goals is to be fluent in Igbo.

The Classic Man, as he is fondly known, said he once took a class in the US to get a good grip of the language.


Jidenna made this known on Wednesday while addressing journalists at the Heineken Live Your Music press briefing in Lagos.

“I speak Igbo a little but not the way I wish. I actually took a class when I was in the US to speak more fluently and Aunty Ifeoma, God bless her, was just excited that we were there and she went so slow that at the end of the semester, we didn’t get anywhere,” he said.

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“One of my goals is to be fluent so I actually hired a teacher recently to Skype with me so I can learn on the road so hopefully one year from now, I’ll be much more fluent than I am now.”

The 32-year-old singer said he does not have a sound of his own yet.

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According to Jidenna, his sound, a combination of his “favourite” genres, is still evolving.

“I still don’t think that the music I have released thus far is the artiste in me, I mean it’s not my sound yet. I have not crafted it,” he said.


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