July 20, 2019

How Skales threatened music critic, Osagie Alonge, says “he should run into hiding” whenever they cross path

Controversial music critic, Osagie Alonge called out Skales for copying Olamide’s exact concept for ‘Wo’ into his new street inspired video for “Agolo”.

Osagz took to Twitter to share his opinion. He tweeted and shared screenshots to back his facts up.


Skales who didn’t take lightly to the accusation of creative plagiarism responded saying;

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@OsaGz U just f**ked with the wrong person make I no run into you ….. I go reconstruct that ur ugly krokro monkey looking face …hater

My ppl it’s time 2 stop payn attentn to ds f**k boy @OsaGz …he is not a real critic ..he is a ass kisser and a punk……

See below:

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Noble Igwe also shared his thoughts on the issue, saying “I don’t think it’s fair…. Everyone has shot a street video.”

People have shared their opinions on the issue… See some below…

With that said, watch the two music videos below and tell if Osagie was right or not.

Olamide “Wo”

Skales ‘Agolo’


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