May 24, 2019

Harrysong ungrateful to everyone who helped him, says Ex-manager


Harrysong’s former manager, Kaycee Ichie Oguejiofor,  has reacted to the depressing situation of the singer.

On Facebook, Oguejiofor wrote, “When you die, I will sit in a bar and tell sad stories of how ungrateful and disloyal you were to everyone who helped you build your dream.”


While he didn’t mention Harrysong’s name, it was obvious the message was for him.

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Minutes later after the backckash, Oguejiofor reacted again, “The Harrysong brand is a brand I was part of from day one, and regardless of whatever is happening between us right now, I got nothing but love for the homie and will never wish him death.

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But he added, “I will not retract my statements but will only apologise for the timing. People might look at me as insensitive and all, but I do not care sincerely about your opinion of a story you know nothing about.”


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