May 24, 2019

Harrysong not beyond depression – Manager


Harrison Tare Okiri, better known as Harrysong’s manager, Desmond Ike, has said there was no one beyond depression.

When Harrysong shared a disturbing post on his Instagram page, the issue quickly became a topic of discussion on social media. The AlterPlate Music said, “Don’t cry when I die, celebrate, put up a kingmaker’s concert, empower more youths. I have lived, I have done my bit; carry on in grace…”


In a chat with GoldmynTV, Ike said there were certain things that could break anyone regardless of the person’s strong personality.

He stated, “Harrysong is just facing a little challenge; he will be fine. There is this emotional part of every human being and he is human too. Also, money is not the only thing that causes depression; there are certain things that you don’t expect and those things cause depression too.”

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Ike insisted that though he was aware of the things disturbing Harrysong, he didn’t know he would be affected deeply.

He narrated, “I was caught unawares too. We knew that he was unhappy, but we didn’t know that it has got to this point. Though I know those things, you shouldn’t expect me to share them with the public. There are personal things; I am just privileged to know them.”

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Speaking on Harrysong’s disturbing post, Ike insisted, “When you are depressed, there are some actions you take based on how you feel at a time. It is now left for your family and loved ones to rally around you during the trying times.

“I went to attend to something when I saw the post. Immediately, I left what I wanted to do and rushed back to meet him. He was not even picking his calls. We have talked about it and we are looking for a way forward.”



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