September 20, 2018

It was hard coping with ladies when we were younger, says Shifi of Styl-Plus

Shifi of Styl-Plus

When the music group, popularly known as Styl-Plus, dropped Olufunmi, their music and looks became appealing to ladies and they had a lot of female fans.

Though Tunde had left the group, Styl-Plus has not torn apart like some people believe. Shifi and Zeal, the surviving members, even had a concert on Saturday in Abuja.


But in a chat with GoldMyneTV, Shifi admitted that it was not easy to deal with ladies when they were younger.

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Zeal and Shifi

He stated, “It was harder to deal with women when we were younger, but we survived it. We had steady girlfriends and no of us ended up having baby mamas.”

Speaking of his relationship status, he said, “I am not married; none of us is married. All parents want their children to get married, but at the end of the day, they can only accept what their children present to them. If they force their sons to get married and for some reason, the marriages fail, they won’t be happy too. As much as they expect grandkids from us, they know that we are not stupid, and we need to make decisions that are crucial to us and the future of our children.”

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