May 25, 2019

US court discharges Dammy Krane over credit card fraud

Dammy Krane
Dammy Krane

Top Singer, Dammy Krane who was arrested two months ago in the United States for grand theft, credit card fraud and Identity fraud is now a free man as he has been vindicated of the crimes he was arrested for.

He was released a few days after he pleaded not guilty to the charges and met his bail condition that was set at $7,500.


Krane, real names Oyindamola Emmanuel Johnson-Hunga, was arrested alongside Ilochukwu Gabriel and was detained at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center before making bail.

The singer was represented by Erik Courtney when he appeared before judge De La O Miguel on Thursday morning.

According to the information available on Miami-Dade County criminal justice online system, Krane was discharged of all the charges.

The present status of the case is ‘closed’, according to the criminal justice online system.

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The singer has taken to Twitter to thank those who stood by him while the case lasted.

He wrote: “Sometimes life puts you through trials and tribulations, not to bring you down but to make you stronger. It will also show you who is true with you, who really cares.

“Case closed. I’m a free man. Let’s get back to the music. One love. Back in the studio! New music on the way.”

An affidavit filed by Miami-Dade detectives who arrested him had stated that Krane was found in possession of multiple fraudulent credit cards that did not bear his name.

Shortly after he made bail, Krane had issued an apology to his family, team and fans, while also denying complicity in the alleged crime.

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“I do not do fraud and I do not partake in such activities. It just happened to be that the agent booked my flight with fraudulent cards,” he had said.

“I’m sorry I got caught up in this mess. I assure all my fans that it will never happen again.”


According to the Miami-Dade County Criminal Justice Online System, he appeared for trial at 9:15 am today at the Justice Building, Room 4-3 with Courtney Erik as his defence attorney and Migiel De La O as the judge and after the hearing, he was discharged and the case was officially closed.


His colleague Davido was the first to congratulate him on social media saying, “Dammy Krane is a free man!!!!!”.


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