August 21, 2019

Between Mr P And Rude Boy, Who Do You Think Is Winning After Split?



The issue P’square split that first appeared like their usual family issue has now got real.


Mr P and Rude Boy of the defunct P’square group are gradually taking their solo career to another level after releasing two tracks each in their separate ways.

From the atmosphere surrounding their breakup, it appears that both brothers decided to take on the challenge of dropping the already established Psquare legacy to show the world what they are capable of doing individually.

Well, two songs from each are good glimpse of their individual talent.

Here are our thoughts their performance so far.

Mr P (Peter Okoye)

Mr. P seems to be eager to prove wrong the widespread belief that his job responsibility in the P’square group was to dance and probably take few lines on songs.

His strong desire to break away from the shadow of his twin brother can easily be noticed in all his activities in the aftermath of P’square break. Alas! Mr. P sang alone and to a very reasonable extent, he’s been able to correct the pre-existing image of him in the minds of music lovers.

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His two songs, Cool It Down and For My Head are proves that he has been responsible for the most if not all of Psquare’s cool RnB jams like, Beautiful Onyinye, No one like you, Temptation, Ifunaya, Miss you die and others.

The videos of his two songs are packaged with amazing dance choreography and good delivery.

Only Mr P would have been a prototype of the Psquare standard but then, his ability to make a real groovy dance jam is still in doubt. Singing love song for Chiamaka all the time can be boring though.

Mr. P has released 2 songs & 2 Videos, Listen to the songs & Watch the Videos 👇

[+] Mr. P – For My Head

[+] Mr. P – Cool It Down

Rude Boy (Paul Okoye)

His two songs, Nkeji Keke and Fire Fire have almost all the features of the sound expected of the then P’square and of course, both songs are a good emphasis on his claim of being the chief songwriter of the P’square Group.

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Fire Fire” is a great party jam laced with a danceable beat but lyrically meaningless. How can somebody be singing “Haleluyah” and still be singing about the girl scattering the floor, killing the show and fire fire-ing?

Meanwhile, Nkeji Keke is a cool afro-RnB jam better than Mr. P’s Cool It Down though.

Rude Boy has released 2 dope songs and no Video yet. Check them out 👇

[+] Rudeboy  – Nkenji Keke

[+] Rudeboy – Fire Fire

Now, in the competition of two brothers in music, we would say both sides are playing their game well and safe, so it’s is difficult to point out who is actually winning.

From your own point of view 👇


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