June 18, 2019

All you need to know about Vector, MI Abaga’s scuffle on IG over long overdue collabo

Going by their latest social media bants, MI Abaga and Vector should have long collaborated on a song but it’s yet to happen, and the latter somewhat blames the former for it.

After MI said he’s “the guy who wants to rap with everybody” during a chat on the Loose Talk podcast, Vector couldn’t help but voice what appears to be a long-nursed dissatisfaction.


According to Vector, a record between himself and MI should have come to life, but so far it’s been all talk and no action.

Two days after the video of MI’s appearance on the Loose Talk podcast went viral, the ‘Lafiaji’ rapper called out his colleague in an Instagram post.

He wrote: “Firstly, you mailed me a beat sometime ago on some “let’s make this dope record happen” but yeah that was all it was.

“You were also supposed to be on the #Kingkongremix but yeah we all must have gotten very busy… hehe. So let me make this clear… 16 bars is nothing, I’m not the type to involve in fake talks so… yeah… you said and I quote “I am the guy who wants to rap with everybody” ok then, Let’s rap.”

Earlier today, Vector refuted M.I Abaga‘s claim on why they haven’t made any record together.

In response, MI wondered why Vector did not send him a direct message rather than air his opinion on the matter on a public forum.

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He asked Vector: “This wouldn’t have worked as a DM why?”

Vector said MI made his claim of “I’m the guy who wants to rap with everybody” on a public domain, asking him that: “Like you don’t know why we haven’t drop[ped] a record together?”

Vector continued: “I am real to d core champ and you know. Let’s not make this a big deal. It’s not personal, #LetsRAP if we will and let’s not act like we will if we won’t… It’s all love. I wish you success on the album.”

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MI, whom we all know to be skilled in the art of giving matured responses, replied, saying: “You and I first rapped across each other in 2007 at wapi in Ikoyi and since that time my respect for your talents has remained the same.

“There is no explanation (not even the two song ideas exchanged between you and I) that you and I can offer that would properly explain why this hasn’t happened. It just hasn’t happened.

“We have been on songs together.. but have never created a song together.. any perceived slight is regretted on my part as no ill will was intentioned. Going forward however, I suggest that we have the rest of this conversation off line.”

MI simply captioned the note; “Cc @vectorthaviper”

As they head offline to continue the exchange, fans of both rappers will be hoping it results in a collaboration.


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