June 18, 2019

AGAIN! Ycee accuses Sony Music’s Michael Ugwu of “sitting on his EP”

Ycee is putting Michael on blast yet again!

The ‘Jagaban’ rapper is taking no prisoners in his mission to put Sony Music West Africa on the spot for how they must have failed him.


Yesterday, we told you of how he took to Twitter to accuse the company with which he signed a distribution deal in 2016, of “milking” artistes and “reaping completely of his hardwork and sweat”. His attack was targeted at the person of Michael Ugwu, the label’s General Manager.

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Ugwu shared a few tweets on Wednesday in defence of himself and the contract signed with Ycee and artistes in general.

But Ycee had a response for each tweet, reiterating his grievances.

Guess this wouldn’t be the last we would seeing of their Twitter fingers.

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