June 18, 2019

Adewale Ayuba : Bonsue Fuji Maestro releases new music ‘My Lagos’

Adewale Ayuba
Adewale Ayuba

Just like you must have heard a lot about many people who arrived Lagos with just a pair of trousers, two shirts and a pair of shoes well Ayuba would proudly tell you he was one of them.

In those young years of all fun and play, Ayuba who was the last child of his parents took the bold step of visiting Lagos and this is where his wild dreams would emerge.

He reminisces about his youthful days where he would stand in the presence of potential record label owners and sing for them, these gentlemen then would laugh so hard at his unique style of music, it would take them a very long time after the western world could see and feel his uniqueness to know how valuable the African voice of a youngster who wanted to stand out would be.  His journey would continue and in Lagos, his dream would gain the light that spread beyond his dreams and across oceans.

‘My Lagos’ was written by Ayuba and specially dedicated to every single person who has made it big; Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Black or White

Listen to some part of his daring lyrics below, he has still maintained his style nonetheless.

Please click the link to listen or use the attached file as you please on your platforms.



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