November 17, 2017

Is Kiss Daniel big enough to stand on his own? + Video

Kiss Daniel
Kiss Daniel
Former G-Worldwide front man, Kiss Daniel has officially left the Record Label and intends to stand on his self-owned record label called FLYBOY I.N.C. The Afro-pop artiste pulled off a surprise move by terminating his contract with G Worldwide Entertainment, and fans have reacted to this move.
Kiss Dani who has proven his critics wrong by coming back to back with hit tracks, from WOJU to LAYE and went on to give us more dope songs and then his “New Era Album in 2016, and now causing a new wave with Kiss Daniel new song YEBA, has proven that he is very talented.
It is normal for emerging artists to break out from their Record Labels as we have seen in a few artists like Wizkid Ayo, who broke out from Banky W’s EME Records and is now doing marvellously well for himself and a few others. But the question is; Is Kiss Daniel big enough to leave G-Worldwide and stand on his own? Talent management is very critical and as Kiss Daniel is now on his own, he and his new team will face the task of managing Kiss Daniel and his brand. Such responsibility requires a lot and will require much on the part of those involved.
Kiss Daniel
Kiss Daniel
All these got me wondering if Kiss Daniel made a hasty move, or he should have remained at G-Worldwide a little bit, to gather more knowledge? Kiss Daniel is loved by many, and even as it’s now known that Kiss Daniel left G Worldwide his songs have been played countless times on Radio and TV Stations!
One of the reasons why people are happy with Kiss Daniel leaving G-Worldwide is because of the label’s “No feature Policy” which many believe is hurting on their artists and limiting them. The Record label for some undisclosed reason has a policy that none of their artists should feature any external artiste who is not on their label. This is the reason why Kiss Daniel’s New Era Album had no feature of external artists.
Now with this move, Kiss Daniel can explore and make music with any artiste he likes, and create a perfect blend of whoever he desires.
Kiss Daniel
Kiss Daniel
With the new self-owned management, what should we expect from Kiss Daniel? It’s now or never for him to fire on to the international scene, and the same expectations follow his former Label mate Sugarboy, who is also very talented (but has some skeleton in his cupboard which we’ll talk about this in another post) will now be expected to fly the Label’s flag and make more hits.
Will Kiss Daniel capitalize on the love OAP’s are showing him now, plus the wave about him, and then use his talent to continue creating good music, or will these expectations fail?
Guess time will tell, and we’ll get to know the answer. So let’s chill and see the next moves he will make on his big adventure, and observe the results.


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